Control for all self connections

Remote disconnection of all self connections to the account

Control your connections to VIPole from anywhere. VIPole always shows active connections of your account and the devices from which the logon is done. VIPole protects your chat and files even if you inadvertently leave VIPole running or forget to close the application after using it on someone else's computer or mobile phone. You can disconnect VIPole on any device by one click.

Fake secret phrases

Fake secret phrases are used for data protection in VIPole in case you are forced to open VIPole in presence of unauthorized persons. When you enter a fake secret phrase VIPole can delete your profile from the computer and emulate a crash or cause abnormal program termination. You can set actions in case of entering a fake secret phrase in the security settings of your profile. In case of entering a right secret phrase your profile will be opened without any changes. Fake secret phrases are used to protect your data and deceive those who forces you to log in and show your chat, contacts, files, etc,

Auto lock after a set period of inactivity

VIPole protects your data, if you have for some reason left your computer or mobile phone unattended. Set a period of time, after which VIPole must be locked. To unlock the application you should enter a password. As a password you can use a secret phrase, your password for access to the VIPole server or a separate lock code.

For the protection of your files during the period of VIPole lock there is the opportunity to disable the encrypted virtual drive, which is used for access to VIPole encrypted files on your computer.

Auto logout

In case if you forget to close VIPole or are going to be away for a long time, you can set up auto logout. After a certain period of time VIPole will close the user profile on the device. You can set different conditions of auto logout for different devices. You can also configure the system to close the user profile after a period of inactivity and/or in case of disconnection. Besides, VIPole makes it possible to set the time for auto logout independently for each condition.

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