Encrypted Unified Communications

Secure environment for corporate communications, files and data

Team account

Team account in the cloud is the solution for teams that wish to get connected within a secure workspace without extra investments in the IT-infrastructure. Due to end-to-end encryption, data integrity is ensured at all stages of data transmission and storage. The client application is cross-platform, and users enjoy the unified experience on desktop and mobile devises of their choice. The team account allows to centrally configure the security settings for all users through the intuitive admin dashboard.

Corporate server

VIPole corporate server is the independent solution deployed on premise with performance maintained by enterprises themselves, which means complete control over business critical data. The fault-tolerant solution is installed either within the company infrastructure or in a data center and is best for managing large user databases, monitoring and distributing load. As your team grows and evolves, VIPole server software is easy to scale. The dedicated technical support is provided during installation, deploying and use.

White label

The white label solution allows to customize VIPole with your brand identity design. If you wish to deploy a personalized communication platform for internal or external communications, we can change the name, the logo and the colors of the client application in order to reflect the image of your company. Enjoy the steadfast VIPole security under the name you give. The software is flexible and can be complemented with custom features, developed specifically for the objectives of your team.
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