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strong encryption
100% privacy
no backdoors
no snooping
  • instant messaging
  • voice calls
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  • audio/video conferencing
  • group chats
  • file transfer
  • chat and history
  • sent/received files
  • passwords and credentials
  • events and reminders
  • tasks and calendar
  • text notes
Independent VIPole server for those who need full control over the data exchange and storage processes in VIPole. VIPole Corporate Server can be installed on your own physical servers and all data exchanges between the users will be processed and stored within your company.
VIPole Security for Teams allows you to group VIPole users and pay for the services within a single Business Account, while managing each user separately. VIPole Security for Teams features a single Business Account for all users in the group and offers extended security settings.

Big early announcement: secure p2p channels with open source encryption module that can use your own encryption plugins

New enhanced feature will be available soon: peer-to-peer channels and encryption module that can use your own encryption plugins. Moreover VIPole’s default encryption module will become open source.

VIPole Desktop update 3.4.2: auto-delete messages

Brand new feature has been released today for Professional account users called auto-delete messages. Now you can set pre-specified time for any sent message or file to burn from both the receiver's and your chat history with no record left.

VIPole Mobile update 1.3.4 for Android: auto-delete messages and bug fixes

The new VIPole update 1.3.4 for Android includes bug fixes and a new feature available for Professional accounts - auto-delete messages.