Secure messaging, video, calls and sharing

for Individuals, Teams and Enterprises

Stay secure, connected and productive with all in one app with end-to-end encryption

Protect your personal and business communications


Private messenger

for private chatting, calling, conferencing, file sharing and encrypted data storage



Private cloud

a team workspace for secure collaboration with customizable management features



Complete solution

hosted on your server providing full control over the whole infrastructure


Communications secured by design

Protect your assets

Files, chat history and passwords are encrypted in transit and at rest

Stay private

Multilayer security and end-to-end encryption for all data

Collaborate securely

Set compliance policy within your team and manage devices

Take control

Managing access to data on all devices and monitoring active connections

Be compliant

Comply with global security standards and industry regulations

Accelerate workflows

Get real-time updates and run live meetings to make informed decisions anytime

Get a sense of true privacy

with strongly encrypted chats, calls, video and file sharing


News & Updates

Feb 11, 2018

Desktop update 3.7.12: new features for Team accounts

A lot of new features and improvements come along with the new update for the owners of Team accounts both in the application and on the account profile page on the site. Now part of the basic operations with users are also available on user profile page on the site.
Dec 14, 2017

VIPole Desktop 3.7.10: read confirmation, bookmarks, and new group chat features

The new VIPole desktop application includes lots of new features for group chats and a handful of privacy options such as hiding messages in chats. This is a major update and is highly recommended to make all new features available and apply fixes for smoother app performance.
Dec 12, 2017

VIPole for Android 1.8.59: new notifications and group chat features

The new VIPole for Android version includes a bulk of fixes and improvements, mostly for Android 8, along with a couple of new features for group chats.
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