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Independent VIPole server for those who need full control over the data exchange and storage processes in VIPole. VIPole Corporate Server can be installed on your own physical servers and all data exchanges between the users will be processed and stored within your company.
VIPole Security for Teams allows you to group VIPole users and pay for the services within a single Business Account, while managing each user separately. VIPole Security for Teams features a single Business Account for all users in the group and offers extended security settings.

VIPole Android update 1.6.3: new icon design, file viewing, SMS confirmations

For users of Android devices we have prepared a new VIPole update to version 1.6.3. This is a major upgrade that will make VIPole work much better and faster. We have improved application performance, added several new features and improved tablet support. The most notable change is the new app interface with new icons and windows. And this is only a part of the updates.

VIPole Desktop Update 3.5.15: SMS confirmations for security settings, message quoting, improvements for video calls

Today VIPole 3.5.15 update was released for all PC platforms. The new version includes major improvements, bug fixes and a number of new features. The most noticeable new feature is SMS confirmation for changing user’s password, secret phrase and email in order to strengthen the security of VIPole accounts.

Happy New Year Sale - VIPole Pro Account Only for $ 3,99/mo!

We are starting a Happy New Year Sale today! We want to thank all VIPole users for being with us in 2014 and for using our services. To show you our appreciation for your ongoing support, we are dropping the prices for our Professional plan up to 35% off!