VIPole Corporate Server

If you need full control over the entire process of data transfer and storage within VIPole, we offer to install an individual, independent VIPole server.

VIPole Corporate Server is installed on your own servers, and all data exchanged between the users will be transferred and stored in your company. If you choose to install VIPole Corporate Server, you have no limit on the period of VIPole use. Moreover, you have full control over all the processes of internal communication within the company and all the security settings.

VIPole Corporate Server provides the maximum functionality of client applications for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS.

VIPole Corporate Server Features

Complete control over data
VIPole Corporate Server is installed on the company’s own server and the administrator has full control over the entire process of user data exchange, storage and encryption.
Installed once
Scale up the license, upgrade, customize the system anytime as your business grows. The license is granted for the number of users and not tied to devices or people.
If your needs change in the future, e.g. the number of accounts grows or VIPole server load increases, you can always purchase additional licenses and server modules.
System integration
By virtue of the server extension API the VIPole Corporate Server can be easily integrated with your enterprise information system for more efficient user management.
Additional modules
VIPole Corporate Server is a modular system. The server can be easily customized to your requirements with the use of several modules and extensions.
Support service
VIPole specialists can help you with deploying and configuring the VIPole Corporate Server. They can also advise you on information security issues and help to eliminate possible data leakage channels.

Standard Corporate Server Configurations

There are two editions of VIPole Corporate Server, which you can scale according to your needs:

Standalone Corporate Server

for companies and groups with up to 150 users

  • designed for a single server
  • fits best when up to 150 user licenses are required
  • provides maximum VIPole client features
  • can be upgraded to a high-performance VIPole Cluster Corporate Server
  • supports Windows Server and Linux Debian

Cluster Corporate Server

fault-tolerant and high-performance system

  • designed for a cluster of servers (minimum 3 units)
  • a cluster can include as many servers as you need
  • the servers of the cluster can be added and replaced online while the system is running
  • if some server fails the system still will continue working
  • supports Windows Server and Linux Debian

Administrator Extension for User Management

Control of VIPole Corporate Server settings and users can be implemented directly from the VIPole client. VIPole has a special built-in extension for VIPole server administration, protected by a password. The administrator panel makes it possible to:

Manage user accounts

  • Add new users
  • View the connection log
  • See the connection status and IP address
  • Manage contact lists
  • Edit user profiles

Manage system security

  • Assign passwords for users
  • Generate encryption keys and secret phrases
  • Block and disable users
  • Remotely monitor and block users’ access to the data on their computers and smartphones

Additional Server Modules and Services

  • Web module for user self-registration

    This is a special website where the users of VIPole Corporate Server can sign up, recover forgotten passwords, download VIPole applications and find answers to frequently asked questions without the help of the administrator of the server. Web module helps to reduce administrator workload and speed up the registration process for new users.

  • SIP module to enable VoIP services

    For using VoIP telephony an additional VoIP module is provided, which uses connection via SIP protocol. If you use VoIP module, you can connect to your own SIP telephony provider and call to landline and mobile phones anywhere in the world directly from the VIPole client application.

  • Additional Media Relay Server

    In case of low bandwidth of channels between the company departments and the server the quality of VIPole services, requiring higher bandwidth, such as audio and video calls and multi-user conferencing, can be impaired. To improve the quality of audio and video communication, an additional media relay server is installed on a separate server with better bandwidth between the media relay server and the company’s office. In this case the voice and video traffic will go through the additional media relay server.

  • Configuration and Monitoring

    If there are no IT specialists in your company, VIPole specialists can install VIPole Corporate Server on your server and configure the necessary settings for the correct operation of all VIPole services. VIPole specialists are ready to help you to create backup copies of databases stored on the VIPole server and undertake server health monitoring.


The total price of VIPole Corporate Server depends on the number of end users and selected server edition. Learn more about pricing or send a request for a personal price quote.

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volume discounts are applied depending on the number of the user licenses
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