A new VIPole version 1.5.6 for Android is ready for download on Google Play. We have worked hard to improve the overall VIPole performance, speed and stability by optimizing the application processes.
On the 29th of October 2014 from 7:45 AM to 8:45 AM (CET) we will be performing server maintenance and server software updates. During this time some of VIPole servers and services can be temporary unavailable.
VIPole update version 3.5.5 for desktop platforms (Windows, Mac OS and Linux) is released today. The update includes settings used by VIPole users that connect by proxy or firewall.
VIPole update version 1.5.4 for Android is available on Google Play. This update includes several new features and settings such as connection settings, proxy support, settings for vibration and notifications and finally settings for the application icon in the notification area.
VIPole Secure Messenger update version 3.5.3 for Desktop is available for download. The update for Windows, Mac OS and Linux is already available for download.
VIPole version 1.5.3 for Android is out and ready for download from Google Play.
VoIP service maintenance completed successfully and calls to landlines and cell phones are available and work properly.
During the day, some users may experience issues with calls to landlines and cell phones.
We are proud to announce the release of the following long-awaited VIPole updates
The big sale is over, but here is a good news for you! We have cut old VIPole Professional pricing plan just in two. Now you can purchase VIPole Professional just for $9 per month or for $72 for a year plan.
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