Apr 4, 2016

VIPole Android update 1.7.3: calendar with reminders, dark theme and new notification settings

The update includes new features for managing privacy, background color changing and redesigned emoticons. In addition, VIPole now runs faster even on less powerful devices.

VIPole for Android app now has the calendar with reminders – you may schedule tasks and meetings, and the app will remind you about them. When you appoint a briefing for colleagues in the desktop app – they will get notifications about it on Android as well.

In the new version of the app, the light background can be changed to dark theme. This is likely to be especially appreciated by those, for whom conversations in VIPole occur day and night, as well as by the owners of AMOLED displays, as the dark theme will help them to save battery power. The black background is available in settings for the users of Android 4.0 and higher.

After downloading the 1.7.3 update for Android, you will be able to choose individual notification settings for each private or group chat:

  • Notify about all incoming messages,
  • Notify only about the messages where you are mentioned,
  • Disable notifications.

Notification settings are available for every chat – just click the ellipsis.

What’s new in VIPole for Android 1.7.3?

New Features

  • Calendar,
  • Dark theme,
  • Individual notification settings for chats,

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Increased performance on less powerful devices,
  • New settings interface,
  • Updated dialog boxes.

Update VIPole on your smartphone to version 1.7.3 or download the latest version of the app on Google Play. Our technical support is ready for answering any questions: VIPole ID – Support, e-mail – contact@vipole.com. You may also use the feedback form on our website.

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