Sep 20, 2016

VIPole iOS update 1.5: iOS 10, push notifications, file sharing, saving images to the camera roll and voice messaging

The file sharing option is added to VIPole chats – now you can share files as well as images. Send files from VIPole chats and the file manager to a colleagues e-mail, to other messengers, or export them to cloud services. In addition to advanced file management, the 1.5 update includes voice messaging, making this feature available in all VIPole versions. Push notifications are another important feature in the update, they will keep you informed about new messages in VIPole chats even when the application is in sleep mode.
Sep 16, 2016

VIPole Android update 1.7.7: new sign up option, screen awakening for notifications and message count on app icon

The new VIPole for Android version offers an additional sign up method, and now you can confirm account creation not just by email, but also by SMS. If you choose this option, you need to provide your mobile phone number during sign up.
Aug 16, 2016

VIPole Desktop update 3.7.4: encryption key management system, bulk operations with messages and new chat interface

In the new VIPole desktop version, users can manage the encryption keys and view the key change history. In addition, message threads in chats can now be copied, forwarded or deleted.
Aug 11, 2016

VIPole Android update 1.7.6: bug fixes and interface improvements

The new version of the application includes general bug fixes and the program core is updated, therefore VIPole on Android works faster and more stable. In addition, a number of changes touched the interface: the notifications for new messages in chat rooms that are displayed in the contact list now show the number of unread messages.
Jun 27, 2016

Introducing VIPole for Android beta testing program on Google Play

We have started a testing program for early releases of VIPole Secure Messenger app for Android. If you opt in to become a beta tester, you can download and install new versions before the official release on Googly Play. VIPole team invites all Android users to take part in an open beta testing.
Jun 9, 2016

VIPole Android update 1.7.5: image editing, formatting notes and managing chat members

The new version of VIPole for Android application has enhanced functionality for cropping and resizing images, formatting text messages and notes, and also assigning moderators in chats along with managing chat members are now supported.
Jun 7, 2016

VIPole iOS update 1.4.0: the new chat interface, the iPad version and the more stable performance.

This update includes the modified chat interface: now messages are displayed in bubbles. The upcoming updates will comprise the background changing option. In addition, the iPad version of VIPole is available in the App Store starting today! The design is adapted for iPad, which makes navigation between the application tabs easy and efficiently uses the screen space.
May 24, 2016

The terms of the Free subscription have changed

The Free subscription plan now has new opportunities that were previously available only to Professional account owners – deleting messages and creating the unlimited number of chats.
May 23, 2016

VIPole Desktop update 3.7.3: new features for conferencing and file management, improved search in history

In the 3.7.3 update, we have focused on the elimination of all identified and potential bugs in VIPole desktop application performance. Improvements touched upon permanent and session video conferencing, file management and search in history. We are continually improving our search mechanisms, and the new system, employing different dictionaries, will be presented in one of the next updates.
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