Sep 16, 2016

VIPole Android update 1.7.7: new sign up option, screen awakening for notifications and message count on app icon

The new VIPole for Android version offers an additional sign up method, and now you can confirm account creation not just by email, but also by SMS. If you choose this option, you need to provide your mobile phone number during registration.

What’s new in VIPole for Android 1.7.7?

New Features and options

  • Sign up by phone number,
  • Displaying the number of new messages on the application icon – for Samsung,
  • New option in Settings allows to wake screen when getting notifications.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Automatic clearing of the list of recent files list when deleting notifications about sent files,
  • General interface improvements,
  • Bug fixes.

Registering by invitation in VIPole is more beneficial. If any of your friends is using VIPole, ask them to share a promo code with you. In this case, 30% of your Professional account subscription payment will be returned to your account balance and to the balance of the user who invited you as bonuses.

More about VIPole Bonus program.

Note, that you can link your mobile phone number to your VIPole account to confirm changes of critical settings via SMS. When changing your password, secret phrase or the email, you need to confirm this with a code that is sent to your phone number. These measures ensure additional protection against unauthorized access, changing the account data and other malicious actions. To configure the SMS confirmation on iOS, go to More > Security > SMS confirmations.

Update your application to version 1.7.7 or download the new VIPole version on Google Play. If you have questions about connecting your phone number to your VIPole account, please contact our technical support: VIPole ID – Support, e-mail –

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