VIPole Referral program

VIPole Bonus program is enabled by default for all users and rewards them with bonuses for inviting new users to VIPole. With the bonuses, communication in VIPole is more cost-efficient. Take the advantage of the bonuses when paying for your VIPole account, for the calls to cell and landline phones, for the Business account and for VIPole additional services.

Every attracted user may bring bonuses to you. The bonuses are added to your account when the person you invited to VIPole purchases the Professional Account or the Business Account. Collaboration is beneficial for the invited users as well, as they are also rewarded with bonuses.

Benefits list

  • Those, who invite, and those, who are invited, get bonuses,
  • 30% of the payment of the invited user is added to your account balance as a bonus reward,
  • 30% of the first payment is returned to the balance of the invited user as a bonus,
  • There are no obligatory efforts: invite friends, earn bonuses and spend them in VIPole

How to get bonuses

All VIPole users are the participants of the Bonus program and get bonuses for their activity.

To earn the bonuses you only need to share the referral link with your friends or give them your promo code. Get the link and the promo code on your VIPole account page.

When the invited user purchases the Professional or the Business account, your account is topped up with bonuses. The invited user receives bonuses as well.

Terms and Conditions of VIPole Bonus program

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