Jun 27, 2016

Introducing VIPole for Android beta testing program on Google Play

We have started a testing program for early releases of VIPole Secure Messenger app for Android. If you opt in to become a beta tester, you can download and install new versions before the official release on Googly Play. VIPole team invites all Android users to take part in an open beta testing. Be the first one to know about the great new features and updates; help us to make the application you use every day better.

What beta testers do?

Any VIPole user can join the beta testing program. A Beta version of an app is a version that passed all internal alpha testings inside the company and is waiting to be released. Before the official release, it is necessary to check the app performance among VIPole active users across all devices. Simply by using the app and reporting issues, beta testers will help us improve performance and debugging the new VIPole version before the public release.

By becoming a beta tester, you can:

  • Get a look and test the new product features before anyone else;
  • Share ideas and suggest how to improve the application right to developers;
  • Explore the application and find errors, bugs and glitches that will be fixed thanks to you.

Want to participate in the testing?

To become a part of the beta testing team all you need is to:

  • Use your Android mobile device,
  • Have a registered account at VIPole,
  • Accept an invitation to become a VIPole tester on Google Play,
  • Install VIPole beta app for Android.

Become a beta tester of VIPole for Android now


Sent your suggestions, share comments and notify us about bugs found by:

  • Using the VIPole application (Main menu > Feedback)
  • Completing the feedback form on our website
  • Sending us an email at contact@vipole.com

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