Feb, 16

VIPole iOS update 1.10: setting a pin-code when saving the secret phrase and a number of improvements concerning push-notifications

In the 1.10 update, we have added setting a PIN code when you save the secret phrase to protect your chats while the application is running. The secret phrase saving option is designed for quick access to VIPole account. This is handy, as after you’ve been inactive for a while, you can quickly continue the conversation after entering the code on the updated unlock screen.
Jan, 24

VIPole iOS update 1.8: sharing files to VIPole from other applications, sharing video from gallery and call screen interface improvements

The 1.8 update offers new features for working with files: you can now send video from gallery and watch it in a chat or in the file manager. In addition to importing files to chats from iCloud, Google Drive and other cloud storage applications, the sharing documents from other applications to VIPole option is added. Share files from email, cloud storage, or other messengers. In addition, we’ve made the interface of the file manager, calls and video chats more handy.
Dec, 16

VIPole Desktop update 3.7.6: HD video quality, file storage driver update

The latest VIPole Desktop client has a new video transmission system that provides the maximum quality supported by your device for your calls and conferencing. You can control the quality of the image on the screen depending on the quality of internet connection. Encrypted file storage drivers are updated in this release: the new plug-in ensures perfect interaction with Windows 8 and 10.
Dec, 9

VIPole Android update 1.8.0: conferencing in group chats, new chat interface and forwarding files

The new VIPole for Android version has a considerably improved interface: there are now wallpapers in chats, and messages are displayed in bubbles with the avatars of group chat participants. An important new feature: you can now hold voice and video conferences in group chats in VIPole for Android. To start a conference, just tap on a call icon, and other chat members can join the conversation at any time.
Nov, 17

VIPole Corporate server: integration with LDAP

A long-awaited feature for large companies is added – the LDAP integration. This allows to apply the security policy of the company not only via the built-in VIPole administrator extension, but also using the LDAP synchronization, such as Active Directory and OpenLDAP.
Nov, 2

VIPole iOS update 1.7: sign up by phone number and improved support for iOS 10

A new sign up option is added for new users. Now you can create a VIPole account not only by email, but also by SMS. Our primary focus in the 1.7 update was on fixing bugs for stable application running on iOS 10.
Oct, 30

VIPole Desktop update 3.7.5: interface improvements and advanced security settings for group chats

VIPole interface has been significantly changed in this update: we have optimized the main menu for handier navigation, added avatar generating for users without profile pictures, and changed the way of displaying the list of group chat participants. Not only the interface of VIPole has changed, but the functionality as well: individual security settings for group chats are added that allow chat creators and moderators to regulate invitation of new participants and their access to chat history.
Sep, 20

VIPole iOS update 1.5: iOS 10, push notifications, file sharing, saving images to the camera roll and voice messaging

The file sharing option is added to VIPole chats – now you can share files as well as images. Send files from VIPole chats and the file manager to a colleagues e-mail, to other messengers, or export them to cloud services. In addition to advanced file management, the 1.5 update includes voice messaging, making this feature available in all VIPole versions. Push notifications are another important feature in the update, they will keep you informed about new messages in VIPole chats even when the application is in sleep mode.
Sep, 16

VIPole Android update 1.7.7: new sign up option, screen awakening for notifications and message count on app icon

The new VIPole for Android version offers an additional sign up method, and now you can confirm account creation not just by email, but also by SMS. If you choose this option, you need to provide your mobile phone number during sign up.
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