VIPole launches a business suite for legal and advisory Companies

A special VIPole solution designed for lawyers is released today that extends VIPole Enterprise with special features for maintaining compliance and safeguarding privileged data. The product appeared to be the result of collaboration with legal firms is equally useful for other teams where working with confidential documents is an integral part of activities.

How data security in VIPole differs from those in other apps?

Privacy scandals with large-scale data leaks and governments aiming to control over the communication of the Internet citizens make encrypted messengers a more and more popular technology in the recent years. Different apps offer similar communication features, confidential document sharing, secure audio- and video calls along with additional options.

VIPole iOS 1.9: purchases in the app and calls to mobile and landline phones

The update includes calls to contacts from the phone book and managing payments: purchasing and renewing the PRO account. The PRO subscription allows users to ensure a higher level of data protection, edit messages, manage history and control connections from all devices remotely as well as have their history and files stored encrypted on phones, tablets and computers.

VIPole Desktop update 3.7.7: screen sharing, new features for teams

With screen sharing, team collaboration is even easier. You no longer need to explain and discuss the issues that can be solved in no time when your contacts see them. Screen sharing is a great way to show your animated presentations and speak about the details that you wish to emphasize. Your tech support department will especially appreciate this feature, as it allows to help the new team members to get around.

VIPole Android update 1.8.1: quick access to the password manager, notification settings and selecting the font size

A number of new options added in notification settings for displaying messages and the status of downloads along with the new settings for chats such as font sizing. For quick access to the password manager, you can now set a special unlock code or turn off the protection when you are authorized.

Account page and payment updates for Team account owners and affiliates

We have improved account page structure and added new sections to make subscription and settings management handier. New principles for Team account payments are implemented on the new account page. For VIPole affiliates, new materials are now available on the account page: presentations, banners, instructions, and video.

VIPole iOS update 1.10: setting a pin-code when saving the secret phrase and a number of improvements concerning push-notifications

In the 1.10 update, we have added setting a PIN code when you save the secret phrase to protect your chats while the application is running. The secret phrase saving option is designed for quick access to VIPole account. This is handy, as after you’ve been inactive for a while, you can quickly continue the conversation after entering the code on the updated unlock screen.

VIPole iOS update 1.8: sharing files to VIPole from other applications, sharing video from gallery and call screen interface improvements

The 1.8 update offers new features for working with files: you can now send video from gallery and watch it in a chat or in the file manager. In addition to importing files to chats from iCloud, Google Drive and other cloud storage applications, the sharing documents from other applications to VIPole option is added. Share files from email, cloud storage, or other messengers. In addition, we’ve made the interface of the file manager, calls and video chats more handy.

VIPole Desktop update 3.7.6: HD video quality, file storage driver update

The latest VIPole Desktop client has a new video transmission system that provides the maximum quality supported by your device for your calls and conferencing. You can control the quality of the image on the screen depending on the quality of internet connection. Encrypted file storage drivers are updated in this release: the new plug-in ensures perfect interaction with Windows 8 and 10.
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