Nov 18, 2014

New switching option from Professional to Free account for all users

Good news for all VIPole users. Now you can easily switch between the subscription plans from Free to the Professional plan and backwards with all data saved. This was not an option before, as you were only able to update to a Professional account with no way back.

Thanks to this new option, you can now easily switch from a paid Professional account to a Free one. This is useful when you have made a mistake in selecting the pricing plan during the sign up process. It can also be useful when you only need a Professional account for a short period of time or you plan to stop using paid VIPole services.

Now you can switch from a Professional to a Free account or vice versa, from your Profile page. Please note that all your contacts, chat history, notes, files and other data are saved after the switch.

Before switching, please keep in mind that the Free account does not provide encrypted local data storage on your device or other special features only available with the Professional subscription. You can however, update your Free account to Professional whenever you need it. Compare pricing plans and available features here.

To switch from the Professional subscription to the Free plan:

1. Go to your Profile page.
2. Click Switch to a Free subscription plan.
3. Enter your password, confirming the operation.
4. On your next login to your VIPole account, reload your profile from the server thus applying the changes.

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