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Can't send messages

By default, unauthorized contacts can not communicate (if the user has not changed the default settings). If the user does not answer you or does not see your messages, the following situations are possible:

  • The user did not authorize adding to your contact list. If your messages are not delivered to a particular contact, make sure that the contact has accepted your authorization request. Select Security> Authorization the menu of the corresponding contact. If the contact is authorized, then only Reject option is allowed. If not, then it is necessary to resend authorization request. Learn more about how to send an authorization request
  • The user has added you to the blacklist. If one user does not want to communicate with another, he can add an unwanted contact to the blacklist and will not receive any messages or calls from such contact.
  • There is no connection to the VIPole server. Make sure that the message was delivered to the contact. Your application must have a stable connection to the Internet and VIPole server.

All sent authorization requests by default are in the contact list group Authorization requests / Not in the list.

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