VIPole Security Extensions

Additional security features

The VIPole client application makes use of additional features to enhance security, including:

  • fake secret phrases;
  • automatic closing of user profile in VIPole application after a period of user inactivity;
  • a virtual keyboard;
  • awareness of other connections made to VIPole servers and option to log them out remotely;
  • option to edit or delete any single message in the history;
  • option to clear history for a selected contact or period of time;
  • extended security management of user profiles that form part of team accounts.

Fake secret

Fake secret phrase can be used in case the user is forced by somebody to run VIPole application and to reveal the user data. If the fake secret phrase feature is on then when the user enters fake pass phrase one of the following will happen, depending on the settings:

  • the application will emulate a crash;
  • all VIPole data at this computer will be wiped from the file system.

Virtual keyboard

A virtual keyboard can be used to enter passwords and secret phrases in a secure manner. The virtual keyboard protects the entered data from eavesdropping by key loggers or any other malware that might be present on the client's computers.

Auto logouts

The automatic closing of user profiles in the VIPole application after a period of user inactivity can be used to protect user data from unauthorized access when the user leaves the computer for a period of time with the VIPole application still running. If the computer is not used for a time then the VIPole application can automatically close the user profile, so that when the user comes back to the computer they are obliged to enter the secret phrase to gain access to the data again.

Editing and deleting messages in the history

All user messages and calls within VIPole are stored in the user history. This history is stored in an encrypted form both on the VIPole servers and on the client's computers. A user can edit or delete any of their own messages in the history, as well as having the option to clear the history for any contact and/or any period of time.

Control for all self connections

A user can be connected to a VIPole server from different computers or mobile devices at the same time. When the user is connected to VIPole from multiple applications, it is possible for the user to see these connections. A user can see the IP addresses of the other connections and disconnect them remotely if required.

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