What VIPole protects

Security is VIPole top priority. We ensure the confidentiality of all user data in the system: account information, messages, voice calls, video calls, and documents. VIPole protects user privacy and business critical information from a variety of threats that data faces on the internet.
VIPole ensures strong encryption and user data protection

Data protection is built on technologies, not on trust

In VIPole, the technological approach is used for data protection, which eliminates the possibility of unauthorized data disclosure. We understand the risks that can be caused by vulnerabilities when working with important data, and this is why we excluded the human factor from the system. Data protection in VIPole is ensured on the technological level, and the data owner is the only one who has the access and manages it.
User data in VIPole is encrypted in a way that:
  • only the data owner and his contacts, to whom he grants access, can decrypt the data;
  • only the data owner has the encryption keys, which are necessary for decrypting data to get the original text;
  • only the account owner decides, with whom and when to communicate.
End-to-end encryption protects user data during private conversations, conferencing and file transfers. VIPole security system in designed so that the users always control the access to their own confidential information.
All user data, including chats, voice calls and video calls, is encrypted prior to transmission directly on the device and is transferred to VIPole servers encrypted. The data on the server is impossible to decrypt due to system architecture and key management scheme.
VIPole technologies protect user information from VIPole owners and server operators. This is what makes VIPole stand out of other popular communication systems, which protect information from third parties, but not from server owners.

The threats against which VIPole protects

The diversity of hacker attacks and their number is growing annually. Every year more than 1.5 million incidents are recorded – it’s about 3 per minute. Businesses face cyber attacks about 17 thousand times a year on average, which means approximately 46 attacks daily. Business partners cause more than 20% of the incidents.
Can you feel safe about the protection of your personal information and your company's data? Are your employees aware about data security risks? Are you sure that your business partners share your approach to safety?
VIPole encryption technologies and the multi-level security system allow to avoid all major security risks, and we also provide a range of handy tools for protecting conversations, data and files:
Your data in VIPole remains secure even when you are using unprotected devices and public Wi-fi: as long as only you know your secret phrase, you control the access. VIPole provides technological data security, but the safety of your data depends on you as well. We have developed additional security features for emergencies that allow to remove all your data immediately or initiate a system crash.
If you are using VIPole solutions for business, make sure that your employees are informed about data threats and will under no circumstances disclose their secret phrase to third parties. This is particularly important if your employees work remotely and other people have access to their devices, which creates additional risks. Note, that the human factor is the reason of unauthorized access to systems in 95% of cases.
Anyone can become the victim of hackers: large international companies, small teams, and even ordinary users. Small business and common users, assured that no one would want to get access to their data, are particularly vulnerable. Not all companies have the budget for additional security protection – and conversations are held in the hope that nobody would get interested in eavesdropping. Don’t underestimate the significance of your data!
VIPole ensures the industrial level of data protection for all customers, whether it be a small team of fellow-thinkers, a large holding company or a private client.