Data Protection Against Theft Or Leak

Phone theft is common, while devices break down all the time. It hardly matters whether the cause is negligence or foul play. Far more important is the data stored on a device. It is sometimes hard to tell which is worse - data loss or data leak - be it a commercial secret or private correspondence - either can have serious consequences.

But you’re safe and secure if you use VIPole to store your data and exchange messages. Your entire message history, transferred files and other documents are synchronized automatically across all of the computers and mobile devices, which you use to connect to VIPole.

Through encrypted storage and automatic backup, VIPole safely protects your data even if your computer, laptop or mobile phone is stolen, damaged beyond repair, lost, left on in a public place, left at public place.

VIPole data leak prevention features

If a device is lost or stolen, nobody can read your messages, use your files or discover the passwords you store in VIPole. VIPole keeps your data perfectly safe. Our security tools and encryption key management system deny unauthorized persons access to your data. No matter what happens to your computer, laptop or mobile device - VIPole will keep your data perfectly safe, securely encrypted and up-to-date.
Encrypted data backup
The latest version of user data is always available on the VIPole server in encrypted form. The information on the server is updated automatically whenever new messages, communication sessions, notes, etc. are added. To restore your data to a new device you only need to connect to VIPole. The entire message history and all the files will be accessible and up-to-date as of the moment of the last server connection.
Access blocking
To protect your data against unauthorized persons, various lockout features are provided within VIPole. VIPole makes it possible to customize locking the application in case of inactivity or disconnection from the server. VIPole can protect your data even if someone tries to force you to open your chat and files in VIPole under pressure. You have only to set the fake secret phrase usage scenario.
Viewing online connections and remote disconnection
VIPole helps you protect your information, even if you accidentally leave a laptop open with the application running in a public place or log in using someone else’s computer. Information leakage channels are fully controlled by the user due to special security arrangements. VIPole enables you to track all your server connections and remotely close active connections whenever necessary.
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