VoIP service maintenance completed successfully and calls to landlines and cell phones are available and work properly.
During the day, some users may experience issues with calls to landlines and cell phones.
We are proud to announce the release of the following long-awaited VIPole updates
The big sale is over, but here is a good news for you! We have cut old VIPole Professional pricing plan just in two. Now you can purchase VIPole Professional just for $9 per month or for $72 for a year plan.
A VIPole update for all platforms is expected this week. In the new update we thoroughly changed VIPole sound and video systems to provide you with top quality voice and video calls.
At your request, we have extended our special offer for Professional accounts for another month. You can still purchase a VIPole Professional account only for 5 USD per month until July 15th 2014.
VIPole version 1.4.1 for Android is out and available for a download on Google Play. The update improves the speed at which VIPole Secure Messenger runs on Android devices and includes several bug fixes and improvements in the chat history synchronization process.
VIPole Secure Messenger version 3.4.5 for Desktop is released today.
A VIPole Business Account features a single settlement point for all users within the group. The multi-user Business Account administrator manages the system, using the built-in expansion opportunities with the additional functions of VIPole Desktop.
Get a Professional account at a discount only for 5 USD per month or pay 45 USD for a full year. Make haste, protect your privacy with up to 72% off the regular price!
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