Sep, 7

Getting Back to Work After a Vacation

Even if you have a dream job, the change in your daily routine is stressful. How to beat the post vacation blues and stay focused?
Aug, 18

How to Wipe your Footprints from the Internet

If you feel anxiety when you think about your personal data that anyone in the world can see, this post is for you.
Aug, 9

Video conferences and new emoticons on iOS

Video conferences, selecting multiple files for sending and a new set of emoticons – VIPole for iOS 2.0
Aug, 9

New features for managing teams

Read message status, improved file management and advanced search in Active Directory - VIPole Desktop 3.7.9
Aug, 8

Germany turns to encrypted messaging

The increasing number of teams in Germany are willing to shift to encrypted corporate messaging in view of the EU Data Protection legislation.
Jul, 27

Two-factor Authentication Is Not a Panacea

Double access protection is one of the most common recommendations for enhancing security, and many popular services offer it as mandatory or optional. However, it is not a panacea.
Jul, 21

The Bitcoin and What You Can Buy with It

Retail giants and an increasing number of bricks-and-mortar stores started accepting bitcoin. What can one buy with bitcoin? The list is long actually.
Jul, 5

How to overcome procrastination

Stop blaming messengers in your procrastination.Use these simple and effective tips to make your team communication in group chats more organized and focused.
Jun, 26

Bitcoin payments for all VIPole services

We consistently add privacy features to ensure that our users can always remain anonymous while communicating online. Another feature developed to enhance privacy is payments in Bitcoin.
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