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Change/reset your secret phrase

If you’ve forgotten your secret phrase your can only reset it. Unless you recollect it, it is impossible to restore the secret phrase because it is not stored anywhere.

When you reset the secret phrase, all your data becomes unavailable (including chat history, files, notes, passwords in the password manager), because only your old secret phrase gives access to it.

To reset the secret phrase:

1. On the Login screen:

  • In the desktop app: click on Forgot secret phrase under Login button.
  • On Android: tap on the icon with three dots in the upper right corner and select Forgot secret phrase.
  • On iOS: the option appears after you enter the secret phrase incorrectly in the lower part of the screen.

2. Then confirm the request for generating new encryption keys and set a new secret phrase. It must contain at least 8 characters and it must not repeat your old secret phrase.

3. If you use VIPole on several devices, you will need to reload your profile from the server. To do this, tap on Reload profile from the server on the login screen.

If you later remember the old secret phrase, you can restore access to the old data using the VIPole application for the computer. To do this, go to Main Menu> Security> Key Management and enter the old secret phrase in the corresponding field. Learn more about restoring encryption keys.

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