VIPole Desktop 3.7.17: new options for managing contacts and viewing files

We continue to introduce new options and interface improvements to present a number of new features that will appear in the next releases. With the new update, you can now organize the contact list groups in a convenient order, use a new file list viewer in chats, page through and rotate downloaded images when viewing.

Service maintenance: service availability

Due to the blocking of a large range of IP addresses for access from Russia, users from the territory of the Russian Federation may experience temporary problems with the availability of the VIPole service. Our network engineers are already working on eliminating the issues, so there may be temporary service stops during the night for several days.

VIPole Desktop 3.7.14: improved interface design and fixes

In this version, the biggest changes were made for the start home screen and improving the program interface in general, especially for computers with Retina displays.

VIPole Desktop 3.7.12: new features for Team accounts

A lot of new features and improvements come along with the new update for the owners of Team accounts both in the application and on the account profile page on the site. Now part of the basic operations with users are also available on user profile page on the site.

VIPole Desktop 3.7.10: read confirmation, bookmarks, and new group chat features

The new VIPole desktop application includes lots of new features for group chats and a handful of privacy options such as hiding messages in chats. This is a major update and is highly recommended to make all new features available and apply fixes for smoother app performance.

VIPole for Android 1.8.59: new notifications and group chat features

The new VIPole for Android version includes a bulk of fixes and improvements, mostly for Android 8, along with a couple of new features for group chats.

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New features for managing teams

Read message status, improved file management and advanced search in Active Directory - VIPole Desktop 3.7.9
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