New features for managing teams

The new VIPole for desktop version includes the read message status and makes adding contacts easier. We have improved video quality in video conferencing and refined file management, eliminating some minor bugs. For corporate users, advanced information search in Active Directory and LDAP s introduced for agile team management.

Now you will always know when your contacts receive and read your messages. In VIPole chats, the status is added for read messages, and in group chats, the exact number of chat participants who have read the message is shown. This makes team interaction in chats more transparent and eliminates unnecessary questions.

The new contact search form in the updated application version allows to see more information about contacts when searching for them and ensures that this is the person you are looking for.

Advanced search in Active Directory/LDAP

For corporate users, advanced information search in AD/LDAP has been added. Directories in AD/LDAP can represent the structure of organizations. Advanced search makes it possible to see the structure of directories and search within the selected directory. With quick access to all the details of user profiles, allows companies with a branched structure to easily manage the settings of employees and restrict access to data.

What's new in VIPole Desktop 3.7.9?

New features

  • Improved user search dialog;
  • Status added for read messages,
  • The «Last seen» status of contacts,
  • Advanced search in Active Directory/LDAP in the corporate version.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved video quality in video conferencing;
  • Improved file removal when deleting history;
  • Improved file management;
  • Easy language selection in Options;
  • Improved message display in chats.

Please, update your VIPole application to the 3.7.9 version through the Main menu > Options > Information > Check for updates. You can also download the new version for Windows, Linux and Mac OS at the Download page. If you have questions about the new VIPole version – please, contact technical support.