VIPole Secure Messenger

VIPole is a Premium Secure Instant Messenger for secure messaging, secure calls and encrypted file storage. VIPole uses strong encryption algorithms to protect all user communications and data. Outstanding feature of VIPole security system is that all user data is encrypted in such a way that it can only be decrypted by the user. VIPole technology protects user information even from server managers, such as operators and administrators.

Principles of VIPole security

Strong encryption algorithms AES-256 and RSA-3072 are the foundation of the VIPole data protection system.
Software architecture prevents unauthorized persons and even the employees of the service provider from intercepting or disclosing a user's data.
Encryption keys are completely controlled by, and known exclusively to, the VIPole user.

VIPole security levels

Secure access to VIPole server

Users connect to the server through secure network channels using TLS technology.

Authorization on the server requires a user's login and password.

The password is not openly stored or transferred; hashing algorithms are used instead.

End-to-end data encryption

VIPole encrypts all data using the AES-256 and RSA-3072 algorithms.

For every VIPole user, the system generates individual keys to encrypt his or her data during transfer and storage.

Protection of encryption keys

A user's data encryption keys are in turn encrypted using a special secret phrase.

The user chooses own secret phrase, which is know only to the user, is never transferred to the server, and is not stored anywhere.

VIPole servers

All VIPole servers are hosted in enterprise-class data centres in Netherlands. For maximum privacy of user’s encrypted data VIPole servers are strongly protected by a sophisticated access system. The data centres are monitored 24/7 by our network and systems engineers to provide stable and secure environment for your communications and files.