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Restoring encryption keys

Restoring your encryption keys is required to access your data after resetting your secret phrase while logging in.

Resetting the secret phrase makes all your previously generated data (chat history, files, notes, passwords, etc.) inaccessible. You can restore access to this data only if you know the previous secret phrase.

If you know the previous secret phrase, proceed with the following steps to restore your data:

  1. Download and install VIPole for Desktop on your PC (this action cannot be performed in mobile versions of the app)
  2. Log in to your account using your current secret phrase
  3. Go to « Security > Secret phrase and keys > Manage keys »
  4. The pop-up window will display your current (green) and old (red) encryption keys. Klick the ‘Restore’ button next to the missing key and enter your previous secret phrase.
    If you see multiple keys marked red, check their creation time. In some cases, the system can generate new encryption keys using the same secret phrase. Your secret phrase will be applied to such keys automatically.
  5. Sign out of your account on all devices and reload the profile from the server in order to synchronize the restored data.
    In desktop applications: On Android: On iOS: Use your current secret phrase to sign in. The application will synchronize the profile and download the missing data from the server.
    Please note that the first synchronization after profile reload might take considerable time depending on the amount of data to be synched.
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