Oct 18, 2013

VIPole Mobile update 1.1.1: video calls and new group chat features

Today is the release of the VIPole Secure Messenger version 1.1.1 update for Android. This update includes several new features including video calls and group chats.

Now VIPole users can make secure video calls using both mobile and desktop applications. To make a secure video call via mobile please select a contact and tap the ‘Video Call’ button in the chat dialog or contact menu.

VIPole protects streaming video by using strong encryption and network tunnel technology:

  • at the beginning of each session a secure channel is opened;
  • data is transmitted in encrypted form inside the secure channel;
  • data encryption with keys only known to the parties of the conversation.

With this update, Android users now have access to fully-featured group chat functionality. Now mobile users can create encrypted group chats and invite contacts from their contact list to the chat room.

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