Aug, 1

VIPole critical updates for Desktop and Android versions

All VIPole users must update their clients on 6 August 2013. Outdated clients will not be supported by the new VIPole servers.
Aug, 1

VIPole service maintenance and upgrade

Attention! On 06 August 2013 from 03.00 GMT to 07.00 GMT the VIPole servers will be temporarily shut down for update and maintenance. During that time, the VIPole service may become unavailable. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
May, 29

VIPole Mobile update 0.22 for Android: new design

VIPole Secure Instant Messenger version 0.22 for Android is already available. It is only the beginning of the changes that are coming for Android users!
May, 8

VIPole Desktop update 3.2.8: secure file manager, interface improvements

VIPole Secure Instant Messenger version 3.2.8 updates are now available for Windows and Mac users. In addition, a small update to version 0.21 is available for Android users.
May, 2

VIPole Mobile update 0.20 for Android: encrypted voice calls, secure transfer of images and contacts

The new VIPole Secure Instant Messenger version 0.20 for Android is available.
May, 1

VIPole Desktop update 3.2.7: secure file manager

VIPole version 3.2.7 update for Windows is released today.
Mar, 14

VIPole Desktop update 3.2.2: new design

The latest VIPole Secure Instant Messenger Desktop update is out today.
Feb, 11

VIPole Secure Messenger is now available for Android

The new version of VIPole Secure Instant Messenger is specifically designed for mobile and tablet device users running Android 2.2 and above.
Feb, 8

VIPole Desktop update 3.2.0: HD video calls

We are proud to present the latest version 3.2.0 of VIPole Secure Messenger for Windows and Mac OS users.
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