Mar 5, 2014

VIPole Desktop update 3.4.2: auto-delete messages

The VIPole Secure Messenger update version 3.4.2 for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, introduces to Professional account users the new auto-delete messages feature.
Feb 25, 2014

VIPole Mobile update 1.3.3: password manager, calendar reminders

VIPole Secure Messenger version 1.3.3 for Android is released today. The update brings with it several new features and minor bug fixes.
Feb 25, 2014

Great update: new web site, new pricing plans, updates for Windows and Mac OS

Today is a great day! We’re pleased to present the new VIPole web site, new pricing plans for Free and Professional accounts and VIPole updates for Windows and Mac OS.
Feb 25, 2014

VIPole Secure Messenger for Linux X11 is ready for download

Great news for Linux users: now VIPole Secure Messenger is available for Linux X11 32-bit or 64-bit.
Feb 24, 2014

Service maintenance: website database upgrade

Attention! Tonight we are carrying out service maintenance of the VIPole website. New users may experience some issues with signing up.
Dec 24, 2013

VIPole Desktop update 3.3.7: improvements and bug fixes

VIPole Desktop update version 3.3.7 is released for Windows users. The update for Mac OS users will be available in a few hours. The update brings about bug fixes for videoconferencing and resolves some minor issues.
Dec 23, 2013

VIPole Mobile update 1.2.3: bug fixes and improvements

VIPole Secure Messenger version 1.2.3 for Android is now available on Google Play.
Nov 22, 2013

VIPole International Call Rates – call securely worldwide

VIPole International call rates are now available to VIPole users who want to make calls to landlines and cell phones securely anywhere in the world.
Nov 2, 2013

VIPole Mobile update 1.2.2: calls to landlines and cell phones, video bug fixes

VIPole Secure Messenger version 1.2.2 is now available for Android users.
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