May 21, 2014

Business Accounts are ready for purchase - Security for Teams

A VIPole Business Account features a single settlement point for all users within the group. The multi-user Business Account administrator manages the system, using the built-in expansion opportunities with the additional functions of VIPole Desktop. This makes it possible to:

  • add new users;
  • view the connection log;
  • see the status and location of the connection;
  • manage contact lists;
  • edit user profiles;
  • assign user passwords;
  • generate encryption keys and secret phrases;
  • block and disconnect users;
  • remote, monitor and, if necessary, block access to data from a users’ computer and cell phone.

To purchase a Business account sign up to VIPole and get an individual account. If you are already a registered user, go to your profile page, switch to a Business account and buy a user pack. For a Professional account, you can also join an already registered group.

You can add as many users to your Business group as you need. VIPole Business Accounts start at 45 USD per month for a package of 5 users. If you want to add more than 30 users, contact us to arrange a reduced fee.

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