Encrypted File Storage

File storage feature highlights

Synchronization in encrypted form
User files are automatically synchronized with the server in encrypted form.
Encrypted virtual drive for file access
VIPole users can access their files via an encrypted virtual drive.
Encrypted cloud file storage of personal files
For storage of the user's personal files a special space in the encrypted file storage is provided.
File manager
VIPole file manager makes it possible to manage personal, sent and received files.
Sending files to offline users
Even if a user is offline, you can send him a file, which he will receive, when he connects to VIPole.
Resume interrupted download
If during the downloading of a file your connection was interrupted, you will be able to resume downloading when the connection is restored.
Previewing files without saving them on the user's device
To open a received file within VIPole, one doesn't have to save it to the computer. The file is opened directly from the encrypted storage and is completely secure.
Sending files by drag-and-drop
To send one or more files to a VIPole user, just drag them to the dialogue box or to the user's name in the contact list.
Viewing the general queue of all the sent and received files
VIPole makes it possible to view the general queue of the recent synchronized files on the device.
* - Note that VIPole doesn't use encrypted file storage on Android devices. For encrypting files which are stored on the Android device use system facilities for encryption of files and directories.
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