Multiuser audio and video conferencing

Multiuser conferencing is the indispensable tool for uniting geographically distributed offices and collaboration with those co-workers who are always on the move or currently on a business trip. Audio and video conferences are effective for negotiating with partners and contractors from around the globe, counseling customers and performing online product presentations.
VIPole will assist you in arranging
Meetings and negotiations
Communication within teams and with business partners centers on projects. Not only colleagues from different departments and offices may collaborate, but also the people from different cities and countries. Video conferencing reduces the time that private meetings could require and allows to focus on business.
Webinars and distance learning
Managing discussions is easy in VIPole: every conference has moderators who appoint speakers. Conference participants can simultaneously share presentations and documents in the group chat.
Presentations and counseling clients
Respond to customer calls and hold video conferences, speaking about your product. All kinds of communications within VIPole network provide the consistently high level of user privacy protection.
Online communications in business can be both regular and aimed at solving specific issues, this is why conferencing is necessary for both temporary and permanent groups of participants. With these objectives in mind, we have developed the two types of VIPole conferences: session and permanent.

Conferencing feature highlights

  Permanent conferences Session conferences
Objectives Regular team meetings: briefings, discussing current project tasks. One-time discussions of particular issues and situations, counseling clients.
The maximum number of participants 256 people
Any 9 out of 256 participants can talk simultaneously.
9 people
All participants can speak simultaneously.
  • The conference is tied to the group chat.
  • The conference starts in one click for all chat participants.
  • Any chat participant can join the conference at any time of the conversation.
  • Conference participants can simultaneously speak, exchange messages and share files in group and private chats.
  • Moderators are managing the conference – the conference creator and the users empowered by him.
  • Moderators can appoint and disable speakers and invite new members.
  • Conference may start spontaneously at any time for any group of users.
  • Any conversation participant can invite contacts to the conference.
  • Only the conference creator manages conferences.
  • Videoconferences are available for Professional VIPole users and VIPole Team owners. The Free version offers audio conferencing and personal audio and video calls.
  • The owners of Free accounts can participate in video conferences with their voice, without image transmission.
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