Anti-Tapping Protection

Everyone should remember that almost any mobile or fixed-line phone can be tapped. Popular VoIP software is no exception. You will never know if your conversation is being tapped - there will be no suspicious indicator on the phone screen, and tapping a call over the internet is even easier.

Spying devices and software could listen in on your conversations without your slightest knowledge. It is practically impossible to find out if you have been tapped. Most internet users do not even think about this potential danger and trust their most private secrets to smartphones, messengers and softphones. Remember, criminals can very easily tap into your conversations over the internet. If an unauthorized person takes possession of your personal data or commercial secrets, it can cause you severe stress and financial loss.

VIPole anti-tapping protection features

To hide your conversations from unauthorized persons and prevent criminals from tapping into your calls, you need to provide as much protection as possible for your communication channels. This can be most easily achieved with VIPole’s unmatched secure call system:
Secure channels for audio and video communication
At the beginning of each voice or video call a direct secure channel between the parties is opened, a so-called network tunnel. Within such a channel direct communication between VIPole users takes place, and the conversation is transferred in both directions in encrypted form . Encryption keys, which are used to encrypt voice and video data, are known only to the parties to the conversation.
Streaming audio and video data encryption
Encrypting streaming audio and video data is the most effective means to protect conversations from tapping on the Internet. VIPole encrypts all data using strong algorithms: AES-256 to encrypt streaming data, and RSA-3072 to exchange session keys. Data encrypted using these algorithms are completely useless to cyber-criminals, as it would take a super computer thousands of years to crack them.
User control over encryption process
As the only person who knows the secret phrase to encrypt the encryption keys, the user has complete control over the encryption process in VIPole. The VIPole service only provides its own secure data channels for safe conversations and has no access to encryption keys. Therefore it is technically impossible to disclose or tap your conversation in VIPole, as your data cannot be disclosed on VIPole servers, whether by accident, on purpose, or under pressure from a third party.
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