Contact list management - VIPole

Contacts authorization

For anti-spam and privacy protection, VIPole has user authorization. Authorize users to add them to your contact list.

Manage the way you get authorization requests. There are three options:

  • Allow all VIPole users send requests to you.
  • Set a question for potential contacts.
  • Deny authorization requests from all users.

Hidden contacts

Contacts in VIPole are already protected by your password and the secret phrase, but you can double the security by hiding certain contacts from the contact list under additional passwords – unlock codes. This function can be applied to:

  • VIPole contacts.
  • Phone contacts.
  • Groups of contacts.
  • Group chats.

Black list of contacts

If you are bothered by undesirable communication, you can add contacts to the black list. Blacklisted users are unable to send messages to you. Later you can remove users from the blacklist and resume communication. Set visibility for blacklist contacts and hide them if you wish.

User visibility settings

VIPole makes it possible to configure the visibility of your status for certain contacts. You can specify:

  • Who will see your real connection status.
  • Who will see your connection status as offline.
  • Who will see you online even when you are in the invisible mode.

Notification settings

VIPole users can choose the level of awareness they prefer for the incoming messages in private and group chats. There are three options for notifications:

  • Show all incoming messages.
  • Show only the messages addressed to you.
  • Disable notifications.

Notifications are set independently on different devices.

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