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Security tips

Set strong passwords

The higher is the value of the data you protect with a password, the stronger the password should be.

  • Use passwords not less than 7 characters that include numbers and special characters.
  • Don’t use the same password for multiple services, create a new one for each of them.
  • Use a password manager to organize passwords. In VIPole, you have a secure password manager that is protected with your encryption keys.

To make sure your password is resistant to password-guessing attacks, use the "Schneier scheme" – turn a sentence into a password, like "This little piggy went to market" is turned into "tlpWENT2m". This is the combination of characters you won’t find in a dictionary, and modern password crackers are unable to create such combinations of characters.

Hide your IP

When you send messages and share files in VIPole, your IP is hidden. When you call a user, data transmission channel is usually established directly, and your contact can identify your IP. To avoid this, you can hide your IP during all calls or from certain contacts. To do this, go to Security in the menu and select the convenient mode: hiding IP from all contacts or adjustable per contact. To configure IP hiding for a contact individually, select the IP hiding option in your individual security settings for this user. You can also hide your IP address during every incoming call, the option is available on all devices before the call starts.

Use virtual keyboard

If you are using an unsecure computer that might potentially be infected by malware, including key loggers, the built-in virtual keyboard VIPole can still ensure that your data stays safe. Enter your data using the virtual keyboard that is available in the upper right corner of the text input field, and malicious programs won’t collect your keystrokes. You can use the virtual keyboard when authenticating in VIPole and when you enter all kinds of messages.

Set SMS confirmation for critical settings

SMS confirmation will save you in case someone tries to hack the e-mail assigned to your VIPole account. To set this feature: Main menu > Security > SMS confirmation > Enter your phone number and set the pin code.

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