VIPole Team

If you want to assemble a work group or use VIPole for secure communication between employees of a small company, then VIPole Team is your ideal solution.

To manage a group of VIPole users you get a special group VIPole Team on our server. The owners and administrators of a VIPole Team can manage user profiles and security settings directly from the VIPole application using the built-in extension. Payment for the service is done from a single settlement account for all members of a VIPole Team.

For members of a VIPole Team a full featured VIPole Secure Instant Messenger is provided for four different platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android.

VIPole Team Features

Administrator Panel
Management of a VIPole Team is implemented via a special built-in extension for the account administrator, which is protected by an administrative password.
Advanced security settings
Advanced security settings enable the account administrator to centrally configure the security settings for each member of a VIPole Team and to control the security of the users' data.
Control of user connections
To ensure the security the administrator of an account can configure users’ connection settings, and if necessary temporarily block and even disconnect members from the server.
User management
The administrator of a VIPole Team can add and remove members, change profile information and even manage contact lists.
User activity monitoring
If you use a VIPole Team, you will always see who, when and from where is connected to the VIPole server. To monitor user activity in a VIPole Team a connection log is available.
Joint account
Payment for the services consumed by all members of a VIPole Team is made from a joint settlement account.

Advanced Security Settings

Manage user data encryption

A VIPole Team enables the administrator of the account to assign or generate passwords and encryption keys and assign secret phrases to members. If the secret phrase is assigned by the administrator, not by the user, the administrator of the account can read the user’s messages, access his files and notes. Thus, the administrator of a VIPole Team can get access to any data of any member of the group and decrypt it.

Block access to data stored on the user's device

If a special access mode is activated, the administrator of a VIPole Team can control access to data in VIPole stored on the user’s computer or smartphone. If this mode is used, a user of a VIPole Team can open and read local VIPole data on his device only after authorization on the server. This mode makes it possible to quickly block access to data or even delete it from the user’s device in case of device theft or unauthorized access.

Monitor user IP connections

A VIPole Team makes it possible to restrict access to data on the VIPole server using the IP address of the user's device. Thus, the administrator of a VIPole Team can monitor connections and determine IP addresses from which users can connect to VIPole. For example, the administrator can allow access only from the company’s computers and disable connection from personal devices.

Additional security modes

For each member of a VIPole Team additional protection mode can be configured: one can assign a fake secret phrase to activate protection mode if the user is forced to open the account by outsiders; configure application lock and automatic logout when idle or offline for a certain time.

VIPole Team Administrator Panel

Control of VIPole Enterprise settings and users can be implemented directly from the VIPole client. VIPole has a special built-in extension for VIPole server administration, protected by a password. The administrator panel makes it possible to:

Manage VIPole Team members

  • Add new members

  • Block members

  • View connection logs of the members

  • View online members

  • Disconnect members from the server

  • Manage members' contact lists

  • Manage members' profile settings

Manage VIPole Team security

  • Assign passwords to members

  • Generate or assign encryption keys for members

  • Assign secret phrases to members

  • Manage security settings of the account members such as security modes, auto logout and auto lock settings

  • Activate an online mode that allows members to open VIPole and decrypt local data only after authorization on the server

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