VIPole Desktop update 3.7.5: interface improvements and advanced security settings for group chats

VIPole interface has been significantly changed in this update: we have optimized the main menu for handier navigation, added avatar generating for users without profile pictures, and changed the way of displaying the list of group chat participants. Not only the interface of VIPole has changed, but the functionality as well: individual security settings for group chats are added that allow chat creators and moderators to regulate invitation of new participants and their access to chat history.

What’s new in VIPole Desktop update 3.7.5?

New features

  • The Security tab for group chat settings management is added.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Avatar generating based on usernames is added;
  • Improved group chat interface;
  • Optimized main menu;
  • Improved support for simultaneous running of multiple clients on the same device;
  • Improved stability of voice calls;
  • Improved loudspeaker mode quality on Linux and Mac OSX;
  • Improved synchronization;
  • Increased speed of sending messages while running synchronization;
  • Bug with sending messages during poor connection fixed.

Improved group chat interface

The list of chat participants that was previously displayed on the right in group chats, is now hidden by default. To view the list of chat participants, click on their number indicated under the chat name at the top of the application window or on the 'Show participants' icon in the upper left corner.

In the updated interface, you can see all the users who have ever been invited to a group chat, but haven’t accepted the invitation yet, or have left the chat. These users are now displayed at the bottom of the list of group chat participants.

Group chat security settings

In the 3.7.5 update, group chat creators and moderators get the list of options for managing group chat security settings:

  • Limit adding new users to the chat;
  • Manage permissions for conferences;
  • Allow or prohibit the display of the entire chat history;
  • Set the expiration time for chat messages.

There are two options for opening the security settings tab of a group chat: right-click on the chat name in the contact list > Security, or click on the 'Security Settings' icon in the upper right corner of the chat.

Download the 3.7.5 update for Windows, Linux and Mac OS at the Download page or update your app to the new version through the Main menu > Options.