VIPole affiliate programs are now live: make money through online communication

Starting today, you can earn money in VIPole with every new user you invite. We created two affiliate programs – Business Club and VIPole Partner. The two programs available offer rewards in accordance with the involvement and the activity of the participants. While VIPole Partner is best suitable for bloggers and webmasters, the Business Club is designed for those who are ready to make money together with their team:

  • VIPole Partner is a program for those who prefer to act individually. The program offers considerable instant payouts during the year of the activity of every lead.

  • VIPole Business Club will be appreciated by those our users who are ready to make money in a team of fellow-thinkers. Here the contribution of each participant increases the joint income of the team. The leads bring income to Business Club members with all their payments in VIPole as long as they make them.

Choose the affiliate program that is best for you: VIPole Partner if you prefer to make money on your own or VIPole Business Club if you are able to build and inspire a team to earn even more with the joint efforts of many people.

Many VIPole users already enthusiastically tell their friends and colleagues about VIPole as a handy and secure communication and data storage app. Now you can make real money just for spreading the word about VIPole. VIPole partners and Business Club members earn from 30 and up to 80% commission from the payments of the attracted leads. The money accrual is regular and the income can be easily transferred to the bank account.

What do Business Club and VIPole Partner offer?

In VIPole, the contribution of each member to the community development is generously rewarded. Even minimal activity brings income; therefore, participation does not take much time. VIPole Partner and Business Club members regularly get rewards for all payments of their leads in VIPole.

The key principles of VIPole affiliate programs:

  • The commission is paid for all the purchases and payments of the leads.
  • Withdraw cash or spend the income on VIPole services.
  • There are no risks, no obligations – the reward system is clear and transparent.
  • The higher is the level of engagement, the more significant is the income.
  • The leads get bonuses for using the referral links.

What program should I choose?

The two affiliate programs that we offer have much in common, but you should clearly realize the differences to choose the one to start. Anyway, switching between the programs is as easy as enrolling.

There are five basic differences between VIPole Business Club and VIPole Partner.

  • Enrolling. While joining VIPole Partner is free, being a Busness Club member requires to select a club service package.

  • Generations of leads. In VIPole Business Club, 12 generations of attracted partners and their clients bring income, whereas in VIPole Partner you benefit only from 2 generations of leads.

  • Time. VIPole Business Club has no time limits: the leads bring income to Business Club members during all their activity in VIPole. In VIPole Partner, the commission for the payments of every lead is paid during the year after the lead’s registration in VIPole.

  • Money. Business Club provides more opportunities for making money in the long run than VIPole Partner, more generations bring income. At the same time, in VIPole Partner you get fixed significant payouts right from the start.

  • Additional rewards. VIPole Business Club offers rewards for achievements in the program. In VIPole Partner, there are no extra payouts.

If you have the audience that would be interested in switching from the services they use by default that are not always secure to encrypted communication with multiple in-app features – then VIPole affiliate programs are perfect for you. Recommend VIPole and make money with us!

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