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Synchronization issues

By default, the VIPole history is synchronized for one month in mobile applications and for 3 months in the desktop application. You can set any sync period in the application settings.

Each time you log in and connect to VIPole server, the application checks for new messages and notifications.

If there are any problems during the synchronization, for example, the synchronization does not end or stops with in the status of "Loading profile":

  • Make sure your device is connected to the Internet. Try to open different sites in the browser of the device, for example, visit If the pages do not load, you probably lost the Internet connection.
  • Set a shorter synchronization period, for example, 1 month to speed up data loading. With a bad network connection, synchronization over long periods can take a long time.
  • Update the installed VIPole application. In the computer app, go to the Main menu> Tools> Check for updates, for Android devices - on the Google Play app page, for iOS devices - on the Apple Store application page
  • Reload your account profile from the server.
  • If the suggested solutions do not help, contact technical support.

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