Protection Against Interception

To intercept confidential information on the internet, criminals use any means available: viruses, trojans, keyloggers, spyware and malware. Not all antivirus software is able to detect a threat in time. Even more so, an ordinary use, or even an advanced user, can hardly recognize such a threat promptly enough. Meanwhile, data will keep leaking to criminals who can use it as they wish, even against you.

We have inspected and fortified all places where a leak could occur. VIPole employs effective technologies and strong encryption algorithms to ensure the safety of all transferred data.

VIPole protection against interception features

Secure server connection
Server connections use secure connections based on TLS technology. Authorization uses special hashing algorithms. This means your password is not openly stored or transferred via networks.
Encryption key protection
Data encryption keys are protected by a secret phrase that provides an additional level of security. Only if you know the secret phrase can you decrypt the encryption keys and restore data to its original state. The secret phrase is known only to the user and is not stored or transferred anywhere.
Data protection when typing
To keep your password, secret phrase and other data safe from interception when typing, VIPole offers an on-screen keyboard with an additional privacy mode.
Instant messaging security.
Every message is encrypted on the user’s computer before sending it over the network. We only store messages in encrypted form on the server.
Secure voice and video calls
Voice and video calls are put through dedicated secure channels that are opened at the beginning of each call. Data is exchanged via these channels in an encrypted form.
Secure file transfer
Each file is broken down into packets before sending. Each block is encrypted with individual encryption keys and saved in secure storage on the user’s computer. Access to received and sent files is only available via encrypted virtual drives.

Even if someone successfully connects to your channel and gains access to the files on your computer, they will still be unable to open and decrypt the data. The criminal will be left with no more than an encrypted file or packet of data.

VIPole encrypts all data using the AES-256 and RSA-3072 algorithms. A file encrypted by these algorithms is completely useless to cyber-criminals. Even a super computer would take thousands of years to break such strong encryption algorithms.

You can rest assured that no one can intercept your source data in VIPole. Only the user can access and manage his or her data.

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