Getting started with a VIPole Team
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What is a VIPole Team?

VIPole Team is a private cloud with end-to-end encryption for secure collaboration across desktop and mobile devices. The system is designed for uniting teams, distributed offices, Startups, SMEs, and Individual practitioners.

VIPole Team users get all VIPole features including encrypted messaging, secure calls, conferences, file sharing across desktop and mobile devices while controlling the settings of all users in the system centrally.

  • Control: the admin dashboard provides flexible and easy to manage access permissions and customizable security settings with templates for newly registered users .
  • Security: all data is encrypted in the cloud and when stored on devices. All types of data are transmitted via secure channels and encrypted on client applications before transmission.
  • Pay-as-you-use: scale up or reduce the team at your discretion and pay only for active users.
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