VIPole Support

Payments for leads

Business club partner gets commission for

  • Attracted VIPole users’ purchases
  • Attracted VIPole Business club partners’ service packages and products purchases
  • Revenue generated by attracted Business club partners (descendants)

Payouts are accrued in USD at partner’s account. To check your balance, go to the account page > VIPole Business club > Revenue.

Commission is calculated automatically and is displayed on the account page, in the Commission section.

Commission accrual timeframes

VIPole products Commission accrual
VIPole Pro, Subscription for 1,6,12 months Monthly, at the end of the month
VIPole Team, Subscription for 1,6,12 months
VoIP service for international calls In 30 days
VIPole Enterprise
Partner packages In 7 days

NB! To get the commission, you need an active VIPole Pro or Team subscription

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