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Leads attracting

There are plenty of ways to attract partners and users in network marketing. Here are some of them to use in VIPole Business club. Either way you can create your own methods of promotion that comply with marketing activity guidelines. We are always ready to answer your questions and help you in choosing the shortest way to success.

Banners. Place banners (find them in your personal account) on your website and insert a link that is indicated next to the banner. All referrals that click on the banners will be directed to and we will track them as your leads.

Referral link. Is unique and assigned to affiliates individually. Add it to images or publications in your blog. The link leads to and the attracted audience is tracked as yours.

Promo code. Is unique and assigned to affiliates individually. When signing up, your leads can specify your promo code at the registration form. We track all registrations with a promo code.

Presentations. Make online or offline presentations for those interested in our products or collaboration with us. In the Advertising section you will find presentations, leaflets and brochures about VIPole and the Business club.

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