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VIPole Business club is a 12-tier partner program, which means that partner can have up to 12 level of descendants in their net and receive commission from each of these levels.

Each level corresponds to the status of a partner, which varies depending on the number of invited partners and their qualifications. The more partners you have on the network and the higher their status - the higher is your personal status.

You can start in the Business Club with one of three qualifications depending on which partner package you choose when joining the Business Club.

Partner package is a package of terms and conditions on which you start in the Business Club. There are 3 partner packages, which differ in value and starting qualification:

Type of package Starting qualification Entry fee
Bronze package Manager ★ $ 10
Gold package Master ★ $ 75
Platinum package Leader ★★★ $ 150

To find out more about Partner packages, check the brochure.

The entry fee is a one-time payment for joining the Business Club which provides the partner with the right to promote VIPole products.

How to choose a partner package?

Due to the grace period*, the higher qualification will help you to start with a wider structure.

  • If these are your first steps in network marketing, the Bronze package is just for you.
  • If you have developed communication skills and the understanding of business needs, make a quick start with the Gold package.
  • If you have solid network marketing experience or plan to enter the Club with the whole partner team, Platinum package is the right choice.

To join VIPole Business club

  • Log into your account page or sign up if you haven’t registered in VIPole before.
  • Click on “Join Business Club” in the Partners program section.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions of the Partnership agreement and accept them.
  • Choose one of the packages: Bronze, Gold or Platinum.
  • To complete registration, pay for the chosen package.

Now you can start earning with VIPole!

* Grace period – the timeframe when a partner has to confirm the starting qualification by inviting a stated number of new partners. For each service package there is a fixed quantity of newcomers to attract.

During the grace period the conditions for obtaining the new status are eased. Usually when obtaining a new status, not only the number of partners is taken into account, but also their qualification. However during the grace period the partner gets the status by inviting the necessary number of partners without taking into account their qualification.

Table of obtaining qualification during grace period

Type of package Need to attract Grace period
Bronze package 2 partners 1 month
Gold package 5 partners 6 month
Platinum package 12 partners 12 month

Table of terms to obtain qualification beyond the grace period

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