VIPole plans: Secure calls to any cell and landline phones

We’re diligently working on providing VIPole users with a secure communication facility that works outside the VIPole network. That is, soon VIPole users will have the ability to make secure calls to any cell phone or landline anywhere in the world.

VIPole secure communications will soon be enhanced allowing VIPole users to make secure calls to non-VIPole users. This is a great way to protect your communications from any prying ears while calling cell phones or landlines.

When you make a call via VIPole Secure Messenger to any phone number, the call on VIPole user’s side is encrypted the same way any other calls within VIPole are. Calls made to non-VIPole user, recipients outside of the VIPole network are send over regular phone lines without encryption.

Soon it won’t matter where you connect to VIPole. All VIPole users will be able to call any phones anywhere in the world at fixed rates.