VIPole iOS update 1.10: setting a pin-code when saving the secret phrase and a number of improvements concerning push-notifications

In the 1.10 update, we have added setting a PIN code when you save the secret phrase to protect your chats while the application is running. The secret phrase saving option is designed for quick access to VIPole account. This is handy, as after you’ve been inactive for a while, you can quickly continue the conversation after entering the code on the updated unlock screen. Save the secret phrase on device only if you are sure that third parties have no access to it.

The performance of push-notifications about voice calls while VIPole is not running is now more stable, and you can easily start a call taping on the notification.

What’s new in VIPole for iOS 1.10?

New features

  • New login screen;
  • Setting a pin-code for access protection when the secret phrase is saved;
  • New application unlock screen.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved performance of push-notifications about VoIP calls;
  • Fixed message order after they are edited.

Update VIPole on your device to the 1.10 version or download the new application version from the App Store. Our Tech support is ready to consult you about the update, VIPole ID (login) – Support or contact@vipole.com.