VIPole for iOS is undergoing beta testing

A significant group of our users awaits VIPole secure messenger app for iOS, therefore we are working diligently to release it as soon as possible. The application is already undergoing beta testing and will soon be available for download at App Store. Stay tuned!

The public version of VIPole for iOS will include basic features as instant messaging, audio calls and general security settings. These key functions will let you stay an active contributor in all the private and business chats on VIPole.

The list of features in VIPole for iOS will continuously enlarge with every update to provide you with the full range of available features. We know that a lot of VIPole users can't wait to get the iOS version as VIPole has become an essential part of their everyday life as a communication platform for colleagues and friends. This is why we are making the final preparations before the release to be sure that the app runs smoothly.

Note that VIPole is a multiplatform app that you can use simultaneously on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android devices, and it will soon be available for iOS devices as well. When you are connected to the server from multiple clients simultaneously, your message history is synchronized automatically. VIPole app for iOS is an important step for us on the way of making the messenger available for everyone.

It is important to mention that the first VIPole for iOS version will be available for iPhones. We will optimize the app for iPad later.

Start using VIPole for your everyday issues today and you will feel the difference. We are excited to see your experience at Feedback and at App Store after the release.