VIPole Desktop update 3.7.7: screen sharing, new features for teams

With screen sharing, team collaboration is even easier. You no longer need to explain and discuss the issues that can be solved in no time when your contacts see them. Screen sharing is a great way to show your animated presentations and speak about the details that you wish to emphasize. Your tech support department will especially appreciate this feature, as it allows to help the new team members to get around.

The interface improvements of the 3.7.7 version are easy to recognize, and they are designed to be helpful. VIPole now supports high DPI monitors, and you can scale the interface if you prefer the elements to be easy to capture at a glance. In the Recent tab, the latest messages you’ve shared in chats are displayed to remind you about the latest conversations.

Screen sharing in VIPole

Screen sharing is useful for teams in any industry, especially for collaboration across departments of an enterprise and for remote work. You no longer necessarily need to send files to discuss what they contain – you can show them and discuss at once. If you are a freelance designer, you can also take advantage of screen sharing to showcase your creative work.

This feature helps to create stronger ties with clients with online consultations and support, presentations, and sales demos. You can also use screen sharing for online education and training, because people are visual learners and it is often easier to show than to explain.

There are two options to start screen sharing:

  • Richt-click on the name of your contact or a group chat > Share screen.
  • Start a video call or a conference > click on options in the toolbar > Screen Capture.

VIPole encrypts screen sharing end-to-end, like all other types of transmitted data, ensuring complete safety of what you show to your contacts.

What's new in VIPole Desktop 3.7.7?

New features

  • Screen sharing,
  • Screen selection during screen sharing with multiple monitors,
  • Notifications about read messages,
  • Voice calls in chats,
  • Support of high DPI monitors,
  • Group chats can now be sorted into groups;
  • Notifications about new users joining chats,
  • Message preview in the Recent tab,
  • Interface scaling.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Significantly optimized memory usage,
  • New video calling interface,
  • General interface improvements,
  • Bug fixes.

New features for corporate clients

  • Assigning encryption keys to team members centrally,
  • Refined control of internal and external communications,
  • Improved contact list templates for bulk user import.
  • Please, update your VIPole application to the 3.7.7 version through the Main menu > Tools > Check updates or download the new version for Windows, Linux and Mac OS at the Download page.If you face any difficulties or you have questions about the new version – please, contact VIPole technical support.