VIPole Android update 1.7.5: image editing, formatting notes and managing chat members

The new version of VIPole for Android application has enhanced functionality for cropping and resizing images, formatting text messages and notes, and also assigning moderators in chats along with managing chat members are now supported.

Now the Android users can edit images in VIPole before sending them. To save bandwidth, you can reduce the image size; you can also send multiple images (up to 10) and edit each of them: rotate or crop. Editing is available both when selecting photos to send from the gallery, and when accessing the camera from the chat for a quick snapshot. To compress an image when editing, click on the menu in the upper right corner to open the 'Reduce size' option.

New features are introduced for formatting text messages and notes. After clicking on the «A» icon, you can make the text bold or italic, underline or strikethrough it. The «Undo» and «Redo» buttons are added on the top of the text, allowing to cancel text edits.

The new VIPole for Android application boasts the brand new set of emoticons designed for all life’s occasions.

Several functions that were earlier introduced in the desktop application are added: assigning moderators in group chats and deleting users from chats.

  • To assign a moderator: Group chat > Menu > User list > Tap on the name > Moderator.
  • To remove a user from the chat: Group chat > Menu > User list > Tap on the name > Remove.

Moderators are displayed in bold in the list of chat participants. The assigned moderators are able to delete users' messages and exclude users from the chat. The users that are removed can later return to the chat after the new invitation.

Apart from saving the secret phrase on the device, you can now manage its cache: when you close your profile on the device, the cached secret phrase will be cleared. To do this, enable the «Cache passphrase» option in settings.

What’s new in VIPole for Android 1.7.5?

New Features

  • Formatting messages and notes;
  • Undo and redo buttons when editing messages and notes;
  • Moderating group chats;
  • Sending multiple photos from the gallery with a maximum of 10;
  • Inviting multiple contacts to group chats;
  • Managing secret phrase caching;
  • 76 additional emoticons.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Contact insert function is fixed;
  • General bug fixes and optimization;

Update VIPole on your smartphone to version 1.7.5 or download the latest version of the app on Google Play. Our technical support is ready for answering any questions: VIPole ID – Support, e-mail – contact@vipole.com. You may also use the feedback form on our website.