Great update: new web site, new pricing plans, updates for Windows and Mac OS

Today is a great day! We’re pleased to present the new VIPole web site, new pricing plans for Free and Professional accounts and VIPole updates for Windows and Mac OS. The VIPole Secure Messenger website has undergone redesign to make it more user-friendly. Out team believes that we have done everything possible to ensure a successful launch and transition.

We finished beta testing some time ago and through these tests, we received many comments and feature requests from VIPole users. We have thus decided to make more features available for Free VIPole version users and heightened security features for Professional VIPole users. Though we rearranged several features, there remain two subscription plans as before – Free and Professional VIPole. New pricing plans are now available to all VIPole users.

So what is new in the VIPole subscription plans?

Free VIPole is a fully free-to-use subscription plan, with no extra fees, no trial period and more importantly no expiry. It offers high-level security and privacy for your data and communications across the Internet and VIPole server. Your messages, files and any other transferred data have improved protection with VIPole encryption technology. As the Free VIPole version excludes some features, you should make use of extra tools to protect the data stored on your computer. Free version VIPole users have the following tools at their disposal:

  • unlimited secure and encrypted messaging;
  • unlimited secure and encrypted voice calls and conferencing;
  • unlimited secure and encrypted video calls;
  • unlimited VIPole extras (these include a password manager, notes, calendar and task manager);
  • 1 GB of encrypted data storage on the server.

Professional VIPole is a paid subscription plan with strengthened security features for professional use. Professional VIPole provides multilevel protection for all data and communications both on the VIPole server and user devices. Here’s what’s new in the Professional VIPole subscription plan:

  • unlimited secure and encrypted communications, including messaging, voice and video calls;
  • unlimited group communications, including group chats, voice and videoconferencing;
  • unlimited VIPole extras, including password manager, notes, calendar and task manager;
  • security extensions, ability to edit or delete any sent message on the receiver’s side, auto-away and auto log out modes. In addition you get remote control of all self-connections and fake secret phrases that enable special security modes;
  • 30 GB for secure and encrypted data on the server;
  • new price, with subscriptions starting from as little as 9 USD per month.

To see the details and compare VIPole subscription plans, please visit the Pricing page. Note that your Free VIPole subscription can be upgraded to the Professional one at any time from the Account page. It is however, not possible to downgrade from a Professional account to a Free one.

VIPole updates for Windows and Mac OS users have also become available today. The updates include several minor fixes and changes needed to introduce new subscription plans. Please update your VIPole Secure Messenger desktop client (from the main menu, select Help > Check Updates) or download a new version from the Download page.