VIPole Desktop update 3.7.3: new features for conferencing and file management, improved search in history

In the 3.7.3 update, we have focused on the elimination of all identified and potential bugs in VIPole desktop application performance. Improvements touched upon permanent and session video conferencing, file management and search in history. We are continually improving our search mechanisms, and the new system, employing different dictionaries, will be presented in one of the next updates.

Session conferences now have the button for inviting users directly from the call window – it is located under the list of participants. Every conference participant can use the button to invite friends. Note, that no record about a session conference is stored – neither who participated, nor how long it lasted, not even the fact that it took place.

Expand opportunities for managing files: now they can be forwarded to other contacts and to group chats without downloading. To download the received file, click on its name in the chat, to view the file – click on the pop-up notification about the completed download.

What’s new in VIPole Desktop update 3.7.3?

New features

  • A button for inviting users is introduced in session voice and video conferences,
  • A button added for forwarding the received files to contacts and group chats; to forward files, there is no need to download them,
  • A clone option added for creating a new password in the Password Manager on the basis of the existing one,
  • Files are automatically downloaded when you click on them in the chat,
  • Files are opened by clicking on the popup notification about the completed download.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Increased stability of voice and video conferences,
  • The maximum message size is increased to 32,000 characters,
  • Improved data synchronization,
  • Improved data search in history with highlighting the found phrases in blue.
  • Bug with settings when reloading the profile from the server is fixed,
  • Disabling notifications in chats is now applied to files as well,
  • The bug with notifications about finished conferences is fixed.

For Mac OSX:

  • Improved application styles,
  • Added support for Retina displays.
  • Improved stability.

The 3.7.3 desktop update for Windows, Linux and Mac OS is available for download at the Download page. We recommend you to turn off your antivirus before installing the update.

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