VIPole Desktop update 3.4.5: business account extension, chat history improvements

VIPole Secure Messenger version 3.4.5 for Desktop is released today. The update is already available for Windows users. For Mac OS and Linux versions, the update will become available in a few hours.

What’s new in VIPole Desktop 3.4.5?

The update brings about changes in the chat history:

  • changes in the chat history window appearance;
  • bug fixes in chat history search functionality;
  • bug fixes in the group chat history;
  • fixed issues with file upload and download;
  • significant improvements in chat history synchronization.

In this update, Business account users will also find a special extension for managing users within the account. The extension helps account administrators manage users, track connection logs and set security settings for all users within the group. Follow the link to learn more about Business account features.

Download VIPole Desktop update version 3.4.5 from the download section on our web site. If you already have VIPole Secure Messenger installed on your computer, update the application using the main menu by selecting Help > Check Updates.

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